Detective Privado 24 Horas

Detective Privado 24 Horas

- Ciudad del Este - Alto Paraná - Paraguay

Telephone:+595 971 204410 Tigo
Whatsapp:+595 971 204410
Rpte: Sr. Cláudio Reis

Five years in Foz do Iguaçu and over 20 years in the Brazilian market, now with offices in Ciudad del Este, the most qualified team of private research, with extensive experience in the field, working in all areas.

We are not adventurers, we have office for our customers. it is strategically located, with total discretion, without plates or some form of identification in order not to expose our customers. Highly qualified and have extensive experience in the field. We operate nationally and internationally. Guaranteeing the integrity of our work and the rating of the same.

We operate in all areas of research. our motto : work fast and well done, looking satisfied customer.

Absolute secrecy.

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