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Concepción nº 724 e/Rca. Argentina y Lapacho - Hipódromo - Asunción - Paraguay

Telephone:(595-21) 326.9336
Rpte: J. Villar
Informatica - Microsoft - Linux - Installing Linux servers - Consultants.

Configuration and installation of Linux, database, mail server and the Internet, Linux administration Linux server stations.

Oracle Migration Microsoft Windows platform to Linux.

Perimeter security systems, CCTV, other.

Technical Engineering, development, systems, Microsoft, Linux, web development, analysis, audit.

Manteniemientos in hardware, software, upgrade.

Asterisk functionality of a telephone exchange (PBX), VoIP, GSM and PSTN.
Elastix: VOIP PBX, fax, instant messaging, e-mail.


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