Metallic constructions in Paraguay

Manufacture and install: - illuminated signs, front and back light - facades - totem - canvas awnings and metal - hedges, fences, garage, parking polycarbonate -.

AS Publicitaria

Manufacture and install:
- Illuminated signs, front and back light
- Facades
- Totem
- Canvas awnings and metal
- Hedges, fences, garage, parking Polycarbonate
- Banners and carrying banners
- Gigantografias
- Posters Ruteros
- Rental of advertising More...
- San Lorenzo - Central - Paraguay


Multinational company dedicated to the production of panels with polyurethane core and rock mineral wool solid line .

Ceiling panels and side cladding, with the best thermal insulation market .
- Villa Morra - Asunción - Paraguay

Metal structures in Paraguay
Akros Nous is a company dedicated to providing storage solutions throughout the national territory by armed industrial shelves (racks), mezzanines, storage modules, optimizing existing storage...

Construction companies in Paraguay
- Civil construction and agro-industrial - Foundations - piles strauss - Reinforced concrete structures - metallic structures...

Metallbau - Construcciones Metálicas

Metallbau is a multi-service company focused on jobs that require metal construction. Sheds manufacture, fixed, detachable awnings, on canvas, sheet metal and polycarbonate.
railings and fences, installation of ceiling in P.V.C,
Los Álamos casi Juana de Lara - Luque - Central - Paraguay

Fido Construtora

Manufacture agricultural carts, caixa d "water of 500 liters to 20 million liters, water reservoir of combustível ou apoiado for plants and condominiums.
Reservatórios de agua e combustivel de de 100.000lt a 20.000.000 lts.
Carretas agricola - Mayor Pablo Lagerenza - Alto Paraguay - Paraguay

Ingeniero Civil Fernando Raul Ferrari Ferreira

- Civil construction and agro-industrial

- Foundations - piles strauss

- Reinforced concrete structures

- metallic structures
Diaz de Guzman Nº 783 - Sajonia - Asunción - Paraguay

Building contractors in Paraguay
We are 30 years old working in the headings of construction, medical facilities and instalacinones of gas. 10 years in Santa Lucia and 20 years...

Engineering projects in Paraguay
Services Design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and optimization. ...

Tianhao Group SRL

Tianhao Group is an integrated enterprise which specializes in research, development, production and trade of iron and steel, sandwich panel, Building Materials, aerial lift platform.
1271 Abraham Lincoln - Ciudad Nueva - Asunción - Paraguay

Metalurgica Prado Herreria de obras

Blacksmithing and artistic works, gates, sliding and tilt control, gates, railings, sheds, stairs, balconies defense, garden chairs, workshop equipment.
San Pablo 1227 C/ Nicolas Bó. Barrio Ytaybate lambaré. (a 3 cuadras del canal 13) - Lambaré - Central - Paraguay

Passco Paraguay

Metal bumpers - guard rail - flex beam - guardrails and containment systems.

- Factory based in Germany since 1852
- Proven, certified and supported with European standards Experience, crash tests, and More...
- Ciudad Nueva - Asunción - Paraguay

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